09 September 2020

How to: Import McGraw Hill eAssessment Assessments into your Canvas LMS

This one is for my math homies in my school at out there in the #mtbos!

I've been teaching in Canvas for only a week, and I've already learned out two very important lessons: 

  1. Canvas has a LOT to offer as far as tools to deliver content to my students
  2. The more I keep my kids ON Canvas, the less confusing the flow of my class will be (which is super important for keeping you, kids, and parents all on the same page!)
So, as a part of my into-the-fire professional learning, I wanted to figure out very quickly if I could import assessments from our McGraw-Hill tools into Canvas to make building my curriculum muuuuuch easier. 

Here's how I did it:
  1. Create your assessment in eAssessment on the McGraw-Hill website
  2. Go to File --> Export --> QTI Standard --> QTI 2.1 and save the .zip file it creates.
  3. Go to Canvas and click on the quizzes page or a module to create a new quiz. 
  4. Set the title and due date for your Canvas quiz
  5. Click on the 3 dots menu in the top right and choose "import content"
  6. Drag or navigate to the folder with your saved .zip file and upload.
  7. You're done! Go on over to the quiz settings and tweak how it best fits into your class.

02 September 2020

Use an iPad or iPhone For a Whiteboard in Your ZOOM Virtual Classroom

 Are you teaching from home while your document camera is at school? Trying to use a whiteboard behind you but worried that the text is too small for kids to read? Just wish you had more functionality for your whiteboard, like bringing in PDFs to annotate in your meeting?

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can share screen in your ZOOM meeting and connect your Apple device to the meeting! 

As I was starting to write this post, I actually remembered ZOOM has had this functionality for at least 9 years! When I was first given an iPad2 by my district in 2011 I used to connect my iPad to my desktop computer so I could go through examples while I stood out of the way of my students, in the back of the room!

Worried your iPad/iPhone might be too old? This screenshare feature works with any device that can run the ZOOM app - my iPad mini is at least 7 years old! 

Here's the tutorial:

30 August 2020

Bitmoji Buttons for your Canvas Homepage or Class Website


Why have "normal" buttons and links on your Canvas homepage or class website when you can bitmoji them instead?! Here's how I did it using Canva.com (or the Canva app). If you want a copy of my Canva file to use as a template, shoot me a message on Twitter (@chuckcbaker) or Instagram (@mrcbaker4math)

UPDATE: 8:04pm

I found later on IG (via TikTok) that for any even easier approach (with less customization), you can just type "CIRCLE" in the search on Bitmoji and you get several options with a similar effect.