I am a teacher who teaches with TECHNOLOGY, because I am a learner who learns WITH technology.

What if every classroom could be like Oregon Trail day in the computer lab ... but even more meaningful and authentic? What if in every classroom you saw students creating, debating, and coaching? How do students know the power of their mobile devices unless we show them how they can be used? These are the questions I ask myself often because they are the points of retrospection of my own learning. More than I want to use technology in the classroom, I think students should know why we're using it and how they can do the same. More than I want kids who stare at me attentively during lecture, I want students who use the web browsers on their phones to pull up the notes from last night. More than I want the worksheet finished, I want a student that learned the material and shared it with others. I want students that know there are resources outside the walls of my classroom ... and know how to find them.