February 2015 METC Presentation

Links 3-Act Math Stories: - Dan Meyer created site to manage crowdsourcing creation of stories - Google Sheet of Dan Meyer (and others) stories aligned to CCSS standards
Three Acts Livebinder - Popular stories, reading and videos for training teachers

February 2014 METC Presentation (with +Abby Erwin )

February 2014 METC Handout 

October 2013 MOREnet Presentation

Link your Google Form on this document. Please include your name.

Need some help getting started?  How-To Flubaroo

Even if you already Flubaroo, check out this rundown of updates from summer 2013.

Referenced Links (for your students) (if you would like to explore on your own. Username: Admin PW: 7QR)

More About Data in the Classroom on This Blog

Is Learning Invisible in My Classroom or Does It Just Not Exist? A Rationale for Data Team Analysis

February 2013 METC Presentation 

February 2013 METC Handout 

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